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Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with Ė Sex and the City

Cosmo Goodie Tin

Goodie Tin

Made famous by our 4 favorite single girls from NYC, Cosmopolitans or Cosmos are the quintessential big city drink.

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Spa Indulgence Goodie Tin

Spa Indulgence
Goodie Tin

Those who love to pamper themselves will go gaga over this! Itís ultra-hydrating + full of amazing ingredients like shea butter, aloe and vitamin A. Itís just utterly divine

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Apple Martini Goodie Tin

Apple Martini
Goodie Tin

For some grown-up
fun your girls will love.
Our martini kit is
perfect for girl time.

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Goat Milk Soap Goodie Tin

Goat Milk Soap
Goodie Tin

Handcrafted and deliciously scented goat milks soaps
are the ultimate luxury gift.

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Shop-a-holic Goodie Tin

Goodie Tin

Declare your love of shopping with the Shop-a-holic gift tin for your BFF. "Are there shoes and a bag to match this cute chic comfortable ensemble?"

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Chocolate Lover's Goodie Tin

Chocolate Lover's
Goodie Tin

If there's a chocolate lover
in your life, you know that
the Chocolate Lover's gift tin of luscious treats that are Organic and Fair Trade is a little slice of heaven. Why wait for a special occasion? Indulge your special person today.

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Mother's Day Spa Goodie Tin

Mother's Day Spa
Goodie Tin

On Mother's Day, mom deserves the absolute best. A year of pampering everyone
else deserves nothing
less than our luxurious
Mother's Day Spa Goodie Tin.


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Pink Girlie Girl Goodie Tin

Pink Girlie Girl
Goodie Tin

Everything is better in pink! This cute shorts and t-shirt set is fun and girlie. A sure hit as a creative bridal shower idea.

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Mini Signature Cupcake Tin

Mini Signature Cupcake Tin

Just because...or every
reason to send this
fabulous mini cupcake tin.
This sampler assortment
keeps things interesting, and ensures the perfect selection to satisfy any sweet tooth.

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Purple Beauty Goodie Tin

Purple Beauty
Goodie Tin

A fan favorite, this Goodie Tin
pairs lush purple hydrangeas
with a tasteful polka-dot design.


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Ice Cream Social Goodie Tin

Ice Cream Social
Goodie Tin

Ice cream is an all-time
favorite of just about everyone.
Our kit is the perfect
hostess gift. We promise....
it's the perfect size.

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Organic Coffee and Tea Lovers

Organic Coffee
and Tea Lovers

A simple gift for any
occasion, this coffee &
tea gift tin is suitable
for clients, co-workers,
and friends. Anyone who
enjoys a good cup of coffee
will appreciate this gift.

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Colors in Bloom Goodie Tin

Colors in Bloom
Goodie Tin

Hydrangeas are perfect for
saying whatever is in your heart.
An excellent choice for
any occasion. Personalize your flower gift with 2 photos and a special message.

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