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Goat Milk Soap
Goodie Tin


Handcrafted and deliciously scented goat milks soaps are the ultimate luxury gift.
Goat milk is known as an excellent moisturizer and features ingredients designed
to soothe and nourish skin. Goat milk soaps are made without harsh chemicals.
Tucked inside the Goodie Tin are 10 generously sized soaps in 5 delicious scents.
As an added touch, each soap comes individually wrapped in a beautiful paper wrapper.

See below for products Tucked inside this goodie tin you'll find...
2 Cinnapear Goat Milk Soaps
2 Lavender Mint Goat Milk Soaps
2 Citrus Splash Goat Milk Soaps
2 Hydrangea Rose Goat Milk Soaps
2 Rich Oatmeal Goat Milk Soaps
1 Goodie Tin gallon keepsake tin to store special moments


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